805/mmbtu yesterday prices rose yesterday

805/mmbtu yesterday prices rose yesterday

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Cheap Jerseys china Three month tin on the LME rose 0.7% to $15,470/t this morning the highest level since the 28th of April (Reuters). Energy: Oil US$34.8/bbl vs US$35.3/bbl yesterday WTI futures dropped below US$32/bbl, down 1.0% at the time of writing, amid the early morning trading in Asia. In doing so, the WTI trading ignores a draw in the weekly inventory data from the API As per the latest API figures for the week ended 15 May, the US Weekly Crude Oil Stock fell by 4.8MMbbls vs a 7.6MMbbls build the week before Yesterday oil prices rose to their highest levels since March 16 but have taken a small hit today due to fears of a fully fledged trade war Not only the US China tussle but the recent Aussie Sino tension also suggests further hardships for the dragon nation Reports suggests the recent hit is stemming from Donald Trump’s push for an investigation into China’s role in global COVID 19 outbreak Energy demand is down as industrial usage declined sharply during the recent quarantines Natural Gas US$1.822/mmbtu vs US$1.805/mmbtu yesterday prices rose yesterday, rebounding from 15% from May lows, and closing at the session highs This comes ahead of tomorrow’s inventory report from the Department of Energy Expectations are for a 99Bcf build, which follows last week’s 103Bcf build The weather is expected to be warmer than normal over the next 2 weeks, which is likely to weigh on energy demand Uranium US$33.70/lb vs US$33.65/lb yesterday Bulk: Iron ore 62% Fe spot (cfr Tianjin) US$95.0/t vs US$94.1/t South Africa Chinese iron ore futures rise for sixth straight session on Wednesday Iron ore futures on the Dalian Commodity Exchange hit $100/t on Wednesday, as supply concerns and China’s strong appetite pushed spot prices to an eight month high Cheap Jerseys china.

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